About Us

Who we are

Since its inception in 1997, Global Infotech Training Institute has been effectively substantiating the ever rising needs of technical support in the social and business scenario. This computer institute in lonavala is successfully paving its way through the fields of Programming and Engineering acting as a full proof educational facilitator thus consistently delivering the demand of industry ready professionals. Global Infotech has always been in the quest of building a technical edifice for the students with its underlying values and core competencies in technical excellence, quality training and innovative concepts. Our Institute is been authorised center of MKCL (Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd) and ETH (Education at Home) from last 12 years.

Vision & Mission

To be recognized and respected as one of the premium associations of technical support with the quality of well groomed students, exemplifying technical excellence among the other training instututions in lonavala. Every individual wants to receive the best of education to achieve his or her dreams. We aim to provide the same to impart knowledge to Students with good quality and lower cost so that each one can get Our missions is to provide best in class education, meeting the requirements of industries by instilling professional approach in our students and equip them with requisite knowledge thus enhancing their work productivity and provide them with a staunch platform by lending job assistance. We strive to achieve this by leveraging the expertise of our technical staff and their high level of commitment.

Aim & Objective

The purpose of computer education is to provide young people with a greater awareness of computers in their lives enabling them to hold an informed opinion of the uses of computers in whatever context they meet them. This may be in their work, domestic life or from reports in newspapers or on television. understand the fundamental principles of computer science, and continue to develop their technical competencies. Pursue advanced education, research and development, and other creative efforts in science and technology. To build a comprehensive approach towards knowledge acquisition in our students. To instigate an application oriented approach by providing exposure to latest trends in the industries. Equip our students with pertinent know-how of market trends and build confidence to maintain their competitive edge.

Our Founder's Message

The Future belongs to those who prepare for it today" - Malcolm X (keep this line as heading and bold with big font size) I am delighted to share with you the swell of emotions and heartfelt warmth as we complete around 25years of our journey. On january 25 1996, when we embarked on this mission of shaping the young professionals, we had set a modest goal of training, facilitating and leading the youth on the path of ascendance in professional careers. Their trust is our wealth, their achievements are our glory and their enlightenment is our Nirvana! We are conscious our responsibility and accountibility to deliver competency based multidisciplinary learning programmes to equip the youth to meet the present and future challenges. As technology attempts to deliver disruptive growth, the young professionals need to be well versed in dynamic learning processes to sustain professional success. This involves sharpening the pedagogy while mainting academic rigor and relevance to dominate the market forces. At our Lonavala centre we are blessed with a passionate student-teacher-parent association, combine striving for enlightened learning ethos. As we share the journey in the future, we rededicate ourseleves to uphold the trust reposed in us by our stakeholders.